S10.E08: Netflix & Pill

Your queens tangent off into Klondike history (??), maiden/mother/crone as seen on the show, and fishnet wearing tips BECAUSE PATRIARCHY. We're kind of relieved this season is winding down. Our Show Notes have more of a saloon-whore vibe than a riverboat one.

An anniversary, prescription pill addiction, and a horribly degrading job for Darlene – yep we call that comedy gold on our show. With so many families struggling to make ends meet it can be hard to go on trips and celebrate. The scene of Roseanne and Dan seeking a night at a local hotel, only to be refused and mistreated is hilarious, but also painfully real. Tom [sic] Bagley was sensational as the rude hotel manager.
— Michael Fishman, Facebook

S10.E07: Go Cubs

Did you want a recap of Go Cubs? You’ve come to the wrong place. The writers emotionally manipulate us, Roseanne peers through a rake, and we hear the NPR-ian dog whistles embedded in the script. SJ demands to know where Armani is!! Debbie and SJ are out of their minds for various reasons and can’t really stay on topic. NO REFUNDS! (We do accept coupons from other stores.)

Maaaybe just look at the Show Notes instead?

S10.E06: No Country for Old Women

The Conners now have four generations under one roof and the center cannot hold. Meanwhile, Mark is delightful UNLESS you're the one who should be parenting him correctly, DARLENE. Debbie talks about the logistics of setting a table scene for filming, SJ marvels over fashion basics, and are marzipan villages even actually a thing?? (NO.)

Our Show Notes are here for you, even if they need a little help getting their compression socks on.

S10.E05: Darlene v. David

In a whiplash-inducing, exposition-dump of an episode, both David AND Bev return. David and Darlene race through some emotional cabbage. Er, baggage. If Queen Debbie and Queen SJ sound a little underwhelmed...well...if the jazzy, STD-riddled turban fits.

Lettuce entertain you with our Show Notes, stay lentil you're through. BECAUSE NOW THEY'RE DOING VEGAN JOKES. GET IT? DO YOU??

S10.E01: Twenty Years to Life & E02: Dress to Impress

Debbie and SJ discuss the return of Roseanne after 21 years, how we feel about the characters now, hot button issues the show brings up like gender fluidity and expression, and the current political climate as expressed by Roseanne and Jackie. Queen Debbie thinks Queen SJ is a fool for thinking that Roseanne might move center over the course of the show, and she's probably right. Buckle up, we've got a lot to talk about! 

Check out the Show Notes for this episode!

Also, after we recorded, we discovered ABC is airing the episodes out of order. We may relabel eps or make mention of this in the future.