Squarespace users: Squarespace does not have direct support for the Podtrac Pefix, but they can still be used together.

  • Create a "hidden" page in the Not Linked portion of your Squarespace site that you'll use to upload all of your audio files for your podcast.
  • Upload your mp3 to an audio block on the hidden page. Go to the "Design" tab of the audio block and make sure that "Show Download Link" is checked.
  • Once the file has uploaded, save the audio block, and save the page.
  • Look at the new audio block and right click on the "Download" link on the audio player. Select "Copy link address" from the pop-up menu.
  • Paste that link into Notepad and add Podtrac's redirect. Copy the new link. It should look something like this:


  • Create a new blog post for your podcast episode and add the audio block. In the "Embed" tab of the audio block there are two tabs right below the field for Author/Artist. One tab is "Upload File" the other is "External File". Click the "External File" tab. Paste the download URL (with the Podtrac redirect) into the field "Audio File URL". Make sure you select "audio/mpeg (.mp3)" in the "Audio File Mime Type" field, and enter the file size, as those are a required attributes for your RSS feed. Save the audio block.

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